This Site is dedicated to the Seyyed Kamal Asfaram a.k.a Shwane Qadri, a courageous Kurdish youth who was brutally killed by Iranian Pasdaran in July 2005, and also to the  Eastern Kurdistan people for their resilience and endurance.

Tension in Mahabad like ordeal

MAHABAD, Iran (DIHA) - Street protests have still keeping on in Mahabad, since a Kurdish youth, ┼×iwane Qadri, was killed by Iranian security forces.

Mahabad has been witnessing demonstrations since ┼×iwane Qadri was shot wounded by Iranian security forces and then abandoned to death after dragged on the ground in a state of being wounded. Yesterday, Mecbur Awa County added to the places in which protests have been raising.

Approximately 2000 people gathering in Mecbur Awa, held a-theere-hour demonstration with Kurdish flags, shouting against the current Iranian regime and carrying the pictures of Qadri along the. The demonstrators also kindled fires and condemned newly elected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejat with a harsh wording.

Meanwhile security forces did not intervene in street protests yesterday though they had intermeddled in demonstrations and detained dozens of youths at Tuesday night.

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