This Site is dedicated to the Seyyed Kamal Asfaram a.k.a Shwane Qadri, a courageous Kurdish youth who was brutally killed by Iranian Pasdaran in July 2005, and also to the  Eastern Kurdistan people for their resilience and endurance.

Six dead in protests in Sinne, Eastern Kurdistan

London ( 02 August 2005: 9 people have been arrested during protests in the Eastern Kurdish city of Sardasht, reported local media and confirmed by local eyewitnesses.

One of those arrested was a 14 year old boy, identified as Erselan Abdullayi, the son of Omer Rasul, resident of the village of Yasin-Awe. It was reported that Abdullayi was tortured in prison, in the form of dripping melting rubber on his body. He is reported to be in a critical condition in a Sardasht hospital.

In related news, hundreds of residents of the Kurdish city of Sinne, Eastern Kurdistan, launched a protest on Monday evening which gradually escalated to most parts of the city. The authorities, according to eyewitnesses, fired live ammunitions on the demonstrators killing six people and wounding dozens. The killed have not been identified yet.

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