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Kurdish intellectuals in Sinne under threat

London ( 13 August 2005: On Wednesday, the editor in chief of the Kurdish weekly Rojhelat (The East), Huseyin Ahmedi-Niyaz, was arrested by the “Sinne Revolutionary Court” in Eastern Kurdistan.

The arrest came after the recent closure of Rojhelat by the Iranian authorities. Rojhelat was named after the Eastern part of Kurdistan, i.e. Iranian Kurdistan.

In related news, two activists in Sinne were arrested. Celali Behmeni was demonstrating with many others in front of the local council when he was picked up by the authorities. A trade-union activist, Esmayil Kazimi, was also arrested in Sinne on Wednesday according to reports reaching

Kurdish activists such as Ms Ruyayi Tuluyi, Huseyin Ahmedi-Niyaz, Eclal Qewami, Azad Zamani, Madih Ahmedi, Saman Resulpur, Amir Abdulazade, Muhemed Hesenxali, Muhemed Salihi and Simkoyi Pasbar are still in detention.

Ms Ruyayi Tuluyi, editor-in-chief of Rasan and member of the Association for the Defence of Kurdish Women’s Rights is still in detention. She was detained on the 2nd of August on charges of “disturbing the peace” and “acting against national security”. On a pervious occasion, Ms Tuluyi was charged with "spreading falsehoods through foreign media." Ms Tuluyi attended a women’s conference last March organized by Kurdistan-wide women’s organizations sponsored by the Kurdistan government. She has visited Southern Kurdistan a number of times in the last few years.

Huseyin Ahmedi-Niyaz, editor-in-chief of Aso (Horizon) periodical, was released on bail. He was also previously charged with "spreading of falsehoods" when he appeared before court in April 2005.

Azad Zamani, a member of the Association for the Defence of Children’s Rights (ADCR, or Kanoun-e Defa’ az Hoqouq-e Koudekan), was also arrested in Sinne.

Eclal Qewami, a journalist and a member of the editorial board of the journal “Payam-e Mardom” (People’s Message), was arrested at his workplace after agents of Iran’s security forces initially raided his residence. Previously, Qewami was charged with making propaganda for opposition parties and groups and appeared before court in May 2005.

Muhemed Salihi, the spokesman for the Organisational Committee to Establish Trade Unions, was arrested in the early hours of 4th August.

Following the Kurdish demonstrations that have spread all over Eastern Kurdistan since last month, the Iranian authorities have also closed two popular Kurdish journals.

In related news, in Mehab, after the arrest of the human rights activists Saman Resulpur, Zeyineb Bayezidi, Nasir Nizami and Hemid Yahu, two other activists have been arrested. Their names were not available to

In Kamiyaran, the Iranian intelligence agency, the Ettalaat, raided a home and arrested a father and his two sons, Muhemed, Xebat and Fwadi Ebrahimiyan, neighbours informed

In the town of Degolan, the director of the Kurdish Language School and the Leylax Literary Committee, Hebibula Rencberi, was arrested by the Iranian authorities. His whereabouts is not known

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