This Site is dedicated to the Seyyed Kamal Asfaram a.k.a Shwane Qadri, a courageous Kurdish youth who was brutally killed by Iranian Pasdaran in July 2005, and also to the  Eastern Kurdistan people for their resilience and endurance.

6th of August named as day of protest in East Kurdistan

London ( 05 August 2005: has been informed by local residents of Sinne that the city is calm, but that the atmosphere is highly tense.

According to resident Kurds, army helicopters have been flying very low over the city in order to intimidate the population and gather information on potential protestors, who like most other cities of Eastern Kurdistan have been protesting for the past weeks Iran’s Islamic regime.

One local Kurd informed that the streets were empty in Sinne as the soldiers were covering "every inch" of the city. The resident added that most of the military personnel controlling the city are of Turkic origin.

In related news, the Kurdish party Komala has named Saturday the 6th of August, 2005, to be the demonstration day for the whole of Kurdistan.

“By this action, we demonstrate our strength against the Iranian Islamic government and condemn the latest killing of civilians in Kurdistan. This coming Sunday, close your stores, offices and all the work places,” the communiqué sent to stated.

The communiqué noted the demands of the demonstrators as:

- The officials who ordered the killing of civilians and those who executed the massacre in Mahabad and all the other Kurdish cities should be charged and punished.

- Without any excuses and preconditions, everyone who has been arrested should be released immediately.

- The army from other parts of Iran other than Kurdistan should be removed in order to calm the turbulent situation in Kurdistan.

- The Iranian government should respect the fact that the people have the right to express their opinions and demonstrate, and the people should have a chance to call for their own basic human rights.

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