This Site is dedicated to the Seyyed Kamal Asfaram a.k.a Shwane Qadri, a courageous Kurdish youth who was brutally killed by Iranian Pasdaran in July 2005, and also to the  Eastern Kurdistan people for their resilience and endurance.

Kurd killed by Iranian soldiers during demonstration

KURDISTAN, July 26 ( - A Kurdish man was killed when Iranian soldiers opened fire on demonstrators on July 25 in the city of Shino in eastern Kurdistan (northwestern Iran), the Kurdish news agency MHA reports.

A Kurd named Umer Emini was killed and tens of people were wounded when Iranian soldiers tried to stop the protest which started at 21:30 (9:30 pm GMT+3:30) led by the Kurdish party PJAK in support of the uprising in Mahabad. An unknown number of people were arrested.

The uprising in Mahabad started after news that Iranian soldiers had on July 9 brutally killed the young Kurdish activist Shivane Qadri in the district of Pisttep in Mahabad. It escalated when grotesque pictures of Qadri’s tortured body was published by Kurdish news agencies. Two Iranian soldiers were killed during the protests.

Protests are still raging on in eastern Kurdistan.

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