This Site is dedicated to the Seyyed Kamal Asfaram a.k.a Shwane Qadri, a courageous Kurdish youth who was brutally killed by Iranian Pasdaran in July 2005, and also to the  Eastern Kurdistan people for their resilience and endurance.

I am Kurdish

I challenge Poverty, Privation, pain.
I resist times of oppression with strength.
I have courage.
I do not love angel eyes,
Skin white as marble.
I love the rocks, the hills, the peaks
lost among the clouds.
I challenge misfortune, misery, solitude
And I shall never be a slave of the enemy,
never grant him treaty!
I challenge batons, chains, torture.
And even if my body lies torn in pieces,
With all my strength I shall scream:
I am Kurdish.

Poet: Hemen Mokryani *
Translation : Desmond O'Grady

*Hemen Mokryani (1921-1986)
Hemen Mokryani was born near Mahabad, Lachin Village, and like another Kurdish Poet Hajar, 1920-1991, was an official poet during the brief life of Republic of Mahabad. He spent a great part of his life in prison, internment and exile. From 1968 to 1979 he lived in Southern Kurdistan. He returned to Eastern Kurdistan in 1979 and settled in Urmia, dedicating himself totally to a literary life.

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